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So you have a 401k. Now what?

  • Worried about meeting retirement financial goals?
  • Concerned about how market conditions impact retirement plans?
  • Wondering where to turn for more personalized 401k information?
  • Opening your statement and thinking, “Is there a better way?”


A Better Way To Think 401k

What is 401k Intel?

Wealth Management Group, LLC offers personalized 401k recommendations by providing a monthly report unique to your plan, giving you more participation and choice in your retirement investments. 401k Intel is not limited to just 401k retirement plans. It also works with other group retirement plans such as a 403b, 457, Simple IRA, variable annuity, etc.

How does it work?

  • After registering, you provide us with your current statement showing all available investment options in your retirement plan.
  • We create and send you a custom monthly report, based on your available investment options.
  • You also receive a Market Snapshot that gives a brief, 1-page picture of the current US markets.
  • Plus, take advantage of one “Intel Hour” each year when you can talk one-on-one with an investment advisor representative (IAR) about how to use the tools, along with your individual plans and goals.
  • You manage your retirement using “401k Intel,” reallocating in line with your preferences.

What Are The Benefits?

With the tools and support of 401k Intel you will receive:

  • Live, one-on-one consultation with an investment advisor!
  • Unbiased advice about the merit and risk of available investment options!
  • Monthly reports with portfolio recommendations unique to your specific 401k plan!
  • The benefit of more information and participation in your 401k and financial future!
  • Investing you can understand!

Did you know?

In 2012, fifty two million American workers were active 401k participants in 515,000 plans.*

Participants in their 60s with 30 plus yrs. of tenure have a 224,000 balance; participants in their 40s with 5-10 yrs. of tenure have a 53,000 balance.*

But most don’t know HOW or WHAT to do, or even if they can!

In 2008, during one of the biggest downturns in recent history, 85.6 % of defined contribution plan participants did not change their asset allocation.*

Employers and Human Resources can’t help – due to liability and privacy issues.

Plan Representative Advisor can’t help – because the employer is the client, not the individual participants.

Where can you find help or answers?

Let Us Show You How Simple It Can Be!


FOR Individuals

How many times have you met with your plan representative for your brief annual review, and come away as confused as when you went in, still unsure what to do with your 401k investments? Do you wonder if making changes once a year is enough? Frustration and insecurity about what to do are common among 401k plan participants.

401k Intel provides you with trusted advice from a licensed professional, along with monthly custom reports, giving you more knowledge and confidence as you plan for your retirement.

Individual Subscriptions.

Fixed fee of $250 a year. Additional Subscriptions per household $150/year.

**401k Intel will not provide or have any authority to determine which investments are available through any plan or to make any adjustments in a subscriber’s account.


How many times as an employee asked what they should do with their retirement? Where to invest their money? You want to help, but current rules and regulations on what you can and cannot say prohibit you, and the retirement plan representative, from doing so.

401k Intel provides you with an education piece and a third party resource. This can be used as guidance to help them make the decisions about their investment plans, and alleviate the burden from you. When offered as an employee benefit, there can be tax advantages, as well as liability and privacy protections for you. Costs are tiered and based on number of employees.

Group Subscriptions

Subscribers Per Plan





Over 500

Cost Per Subscriber Per Year






**401k Intel will not provide or have any authority to determine which investments are available through any plan or to make any adjustments in a subscriber’s account.

401kIntel Retirement By Design, Not By Default.

Who We Are

401k Intel is a service offered by Wealth Management Group, LLC. WMG is a Registered Investment Advisor, established in 2002 by founder and owner Brian T. Niemann, CFP®, ChFC. After spending 14 years in the corporate world as a financial advisor, Brian set out to form WMG with a vision in mind. He wanted WMG’s advisors to follow best practices, free from conflicts of interest, such as proprietary products, sales quotas, or corporate agendas. WMG and its advisors, with an average of over 20 years of industry experience, work with and for YOU, our clients, for a flat-fee, not for a corporation’s bottom line. To learn more about WMG and our team, please visit our site.
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